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It is our intention in Science to develop in all young people a lifelong curiosity and interest in the sciences. When planning for the science curriculum, we intend for children to have the opportunity, wherever possible, to learn through varied systematic investigations, leading to them being equipped for life to ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them. As children progress through the classes, they build on their skills in working scientifically, as well as on their scientific knowledge, as they develop greater independence in planning and carrying out fair and comparative tests to answer a range of scientific questions.  The Science Overview Plans aim to ensure that children have a varied, progressive and well-mapped-out science curriculum that provides the opportunity for progression across the full breadth of the science national curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

 Long Term Plans

Working Scientifically Cycle

KS1 Long Term Plan

 LKS2 Long Term Plan

UKS2 Long Term Plan

 Working Scientifically Document to match Planning


Progression Maps

What is making progress in Science? 

Progress is pupils knowing more and remembering more about:

  • the products of science (substantive knowledge) e.g. concepts, laws and theories
  • •the practices of science.  (disciplinary knowledge) e.g. knowing how scientific knowledge is gained through scientific enquiry. The national curriculum refers to this as working scientifically. 

Animals Including Humans - Keeping Healthy

Changing Materials

Seasons, Day and Night, Earth and Beyond




Plant Growth

Animals and Habitats



LKS2 Forces Science

Mr Rushton brought his old car (1932 MG M-Type) to school. We got to explore all the different pushes and pulls through our Forces topic. We event got to see inside the engine!