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School Governors

Goldstone Federation School Governors:

James Cartwright: Chair of Governors
Keith Wilson: Vice Chair of Governors
Philip Stanton: Local Authority Governor
John Lutner: Co-opted Governor
Claire Denneny: Co-opted Governor
Davinya Reddall: Co-opted Governor
Sarah Mellor: Co-opted Governor
Jonathan Deakin: Co-opted Governor
Gemma Watkins: Staff Governor
Gary Boyles: Parent Governor
Rachel Richards: Parent Governor
Lynda Hewson: Associate Governor
Molly Jensen: Associate Governor
Cathy Swinnerton: Associate Governor
Rachael Williams: Headteacher
Clerk to the Governors: Nicola Tidball

View document letters/goldstone_federation_annual_governors_report_2019-20.pdf

To see who is on what committee please click on the link to Governing Board Committee Structure 2019/2020.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor for the Goldstone Federation, then please complete the Governor Enquiry Questionnaire and return to the school office. Thank you. 

Contact the Governors via email: governors@hinstock.shropshire.sch.uk

Declaration of Governors' Business Interests:

Link to Governor Attendance Record 

  • As Governors we give our time to take overall responsibility for the organisation and management of Hinstock School.
  • We believe strongly in achieving the very best education for your children.
  • Each Governor takes a special interest in key aspects of the school such as the curriculum and finance.
  • We formally meet once every term and the minutes are available for parents to read.
  • We produce an annual report each year to tell parents about our work.
  • We hold an Annual Meeting in July to which all parents are invited to meet the Governors, celebrate the work done over the year and discuss the way ahead for Hinstock School.
Please read recent meeting minutes by clicking on the links:
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