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School Governors

Goldstone Federation Governors:


The roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body members are detailed in the: 

Goldstone Federation Annual Governance Review 2021-22

As governors we give our time to take overall responsibility for the strategic organisation and management of the schools within the Federation:

  • We believe strongly in providing the best education for your children.
  • Each governors takes a special interest in key aspects of the Federation such as curriculum or finance.
  • We formally meet at least once a term and the minutes are published on the website.
  • We produce an annual report to tell parents about our work and the progress of the Federation.
  • We invite parents and staff  at least once a year to meet us, celebrate the work done over the year and discuss future goals.

 If you are interested in becoming a Governor for the Goldstone Federation, then please complete the Governor Enquiry Questionnaire, return to the school office or email to the governors. Thank you. 

Contact the Governors via email:


Clerk to Governors: Nicola Tidball 


Statutory Governance Publications:

Declaration of Business & Pecuniary Interests

Governing Body Annual Meeting Schedule 2021-22

Governing Body Attendance Record 2021-22

Governor Body Attendance Record 2020-21 

Governor Body Attendance Record 2019-20  

The Governing Body act in accordance with the DfE's Governance Handbook, the School Governance Regulations 2013, the School Federation Regulations 2012 and the following Code of Conduct:

NGA Code of Conduct


Please read recent meeting minutes by clicking on the links:

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