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Physical Education

At Hinstock Primary School we offer a coherently planned sequence of lessons to progressively cover the requirements of the PE National Curriculum. The Long Term Plan  ensures that children have a varied and well mapped out PE curriculum. It provides the opportunity for progression across the full breadth of the PE National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 for both indoor and outdoor PE. This progression is clearly identified on progression maps and each lesson has been carefully planned to match these. In KS1, the focus of the PE curriculum is on the development of the fundamental skills that will be built upon in KS2 when they are applied in specific sports. It is our intention to develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and PE in all young people. We aim to help ensure a positive and healthy physical and mental outlook in the future and help young people to develop essential skills like leadership and teamwork. Within each lesson, we strive to give every child the opportunity to develop skills in PE, consider the impact on their health and fitness, compete/perform and evaluate.  It is also the intention to ensure that every child has access to at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

In addition to our partnership with a local coaching company we have for 2022/23 signed up a sports partnership with AMAVEN this will enable us to add further developments to on Long Term Planning but also in Assessments of children in key skills and allow staff and parents to track their progress throughout the year and their time at our school. 

Long Term Plan 2021/22 Long Term Plan 2022/23 Long Term Plan 2023/24 PE Policy

Simplified PE Progression 

PE Skills Progression from Y1-6 

Y1 Physical Education Progression

Y2 Physical Education Progression

Y3 Physical Education Progression

Y4 Physical Education Progression

Y5 Physical Education Progression

Y6 Physical Education Progression

Detailed Games Progression Map

Detailed Dance Progression Map

Detailed Athletics Progression Map

 With a range of Bridleways and Quiet Lanes cycling is a very popular sporting past time for many of our pupils.  As COVID-19 restrictions relax we are aiming to provide Guided Off Road rides at local Forestry Commission centres to link in with our KS2 Bike Club.  In addition, we are looking to phase out the use of trikes in EYFS and ensure children are give the experience of Balance Bikes in their Child Initiated time as well as creating a new Balanceability Club for EYFS children and later in the year adding Learning to Ride activities for children in Ladybirds Class. 

Congratulations to our KS2 Dodgeball Team!

Local area Champions 07.04.22 

Our KS1 teams also finished in 3rd Place overall.  We are all really proud of the teams especially the sporting manner in which they played and how supportive they were of each other and the other teams at the competition. 

Congratulations to our Y6 Girls Cross Country Team winners of the Market Drayton Area team award. 

KS2 Physical Education