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PE and Sport Funding

Primary School Sports funding is to improve the provision and quality of PE and sport in schools and to encourage healthy lifestyles in the children of the future. 


Action Plan and Impact Sports Grant Forecast 2017/2018 including Swimming Data 

Action Plan for Sports Grant Spending 2016-17

Impact of Sports Grant 2015-16

Sports Grant:

The funding has supported the cost of swimming within the school and enables membership of the MDASSP (Market Drayton Area Schools Sports Partnership) which organises competitions across the area and gave us the routes into county wide competitions.

Through increased focus on Sport the school has been awarded Gold in the School Games Mark.

Funding has continued and the membership of MDASSP increased. The group of schools this includes has researched other models which are more cost effective and provide increased training opportunities for staff so support will continue through Activsports instead.

The funding is presently being used to:

1) Buy resources to encourage inclusion in sport for all children across the school. This has led to New Age Kurling, Boccia and sports designed with inclusion in mind for disabled children. A Kurling club has proved extremely successful. David Rushton has trained staff on the use of such resources and how to use them effectively.

2) Train staff in tracking and assessing achievement and progress in PE.

David Rushton has worked on developing programmes to achieve this goal and investment in software support across the school has been agreed.  In addition a Sports Coach has been provided to work with all teachers and classes throughout the school.

3) Develop wider sporting opportunities across the school.

The school uses the funding to provide sports clubs in a variety of changing sports clubs from Reception through to Year 6.  Currently there is a club available for children after school on every afternoon after school. A charge is being considered for these clubs to encourage sustainability when the funding stops. Bike club continues to be successful and development of other biking opportunities is being looked into. Balanceability pilots have been successful for Foundation stage in school and the resources will be bought into school for future staff development. Staff training to enable mountain biking to be run both outside an within school has been successful and training has been resourced for Balanceability as well.

In addition, to this the school provides an extra 30 minutes of sporting clubs every lunchtime through a Sports TA and Mr Rushton.  The young leaders also work with children across the school to develop abilities in a variety of areas.

So far this year the school has had an active role in the MDASSP School Games competitions. Highlights include: 


KS2 North Shropshire Tag Rugby 2nd Place

Y5/6 Boys Sporthall Athletics 2nd Place 

KS2 Basketball 2nd Place 

Y 3/4 Novice Gymnastics 3rd Place

Y3/4 Advanced Gymnastics North Shropshire Area CHAMPIONS

Y3/4 Advanced Gymnastics Shropsire Games 2nd Place

KS2 New Age Kurling CHAMPIONS

Y1/2 Dodgeball 2nd Place 

KS2 Dodgeball Joint 3rd Place  

 In the Academic year 2017/2018 100% of children in Year 6 have represented the school in a MSASSP competition.  With 94% of these children competing in 2 or more competitions. 

So far in KS2 99% of children have participated in at least 1 School Games competition.