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Ladybird Class - Reception & Year 1

Mrs G Watkins

Ladybird Class Teacher

Welcome to Ladybird Class.

Read about our topics and learning here:

Last term Ladybird Class were learning about Superheroes and people that help us.

We had a fabulous 'Army day'. We came to school dressed in our old clothes and went straight to 'base camp' where we were instructed in what we would be doing throughout the day. We camouflaged our face and clothes to make sure we could not be seen by the enemy before learning to patrol and cover open ground by practising dash, down, crawl drills. We then went off in our troops to start our activities. Throughout the morning we completed an obstacle course; the aim was to work as a team to complete the course and help our troops. We also cooked spaghetti hoops on the outdoor camp stove then washed and dried our dishes. We also completed a blind trail in the woods, again we had to help our troops and make sure we worked together to save anyone falling over. After all of this we learnt some drill with Miss Morris, we are now experts at standing to attention and marching correctly. In the afternoon we practised our target shooting and took down the tents before ending the day with toasted marshmallows around the camp fire. In the words of Alice "It was the best day ever!!"





We loved having an impromptu visit from Market Drayton fire station the other day. We had a look in their fire engine and tried on some of their uniform. Barry the firefighter talked to us about the equipment they use and the importance of wearing their uniform to keep them safe.




In PE we have been learning to use the gymnastics equipment safely. We must make sure we have three points of contact on the climbing frame. We have also been learning to use the benches to travel in different ways and practising jumping on the springboard.



In Geography, Year 1 have been learning to read maps. We think it is important to be able to read maps if you are a superhero as you need to know which way to go to arrive at the emergency!